T.I.E Project Brief (Proposal) – Unit 9

My target audience is aimed at 14-16 year old’s. I have to be careful of what I present the T.I.E play because some of the topics could be taken upon in a negative light, it also could be a traumatic experience to some of the teenagers. The reason I have to be careful is that some people may not want to be reminded or thinking of their past, due to personal reasons in their lives that could have been traumatic to them. Subjects that could be something to talk about could be about; Healthy relationships, Sexuality, racism, religion and other topics that are centred around these for teenagers to be more aware of the world and in life. Some of these topics could be a little difficult to approach because it could be controversial. Especially if we do an Augusto Boal approach, this is because we would have students interact and change the play, giving a different reaction and outcome. This could lead to a negative reaction and could end up having a situation on stage between the students and the actors. This could cause the reputation of the college to deteriorate and give a bad example for that school.

“Through the medium of TiE children and young people become engaged in their own learning, excited and aware. The relevance and realism of the content resonates, helping the audience to reflect on behaviour and assimilate identified learning objectives.” This is an example of how TIE could benefit students and how they can understand a certain aspect of how people can behave. It could also lead students to think more about a certain situation they may be in and could help them discover themselves a lot more and be more open-minded to situations. This could also help students be in someone else’s shoes in a certain situation. A reaction may not be a correct way to respond in a particular scenario, however, the audience can agree or disagree whether they feel as if that pacific reaction was the correct response, this links up to the idea of Boal’s technique of getting the audience involved to see how they would change a scenario and see how they would change things.

An idea I came up with to discuss was bullying. This could be a topic to present to the students because I see that a lot of students bullying or bully students, however, because so many adults and teachers give presentations on bullying so most of the students may not pay attention or even be bothered because they heard the same thing so many times before. Another reason why I came up with the idea of bullying was that when I was doing some research I discovered that ” Those who have been bullied are more than twice as likely to have difficulty in keeping a job, or committing to saving compared to those not involved in bullying”. This brought me to come up with the idea’s because it can impact someone’s career path and affect the ways of becoming successful in their careers.

The ways we can get research for the right topic or what we want to go for is by interviewing some students in our target audience range, that being 14-16 year old’s. This would be a good way to get information on what topics are being covered and need to be covered for the students. We can also get an understanding of what the majority of the students are sick of hearing in their schools that need to be covered. This could be useful because to do something that won’t interest the students wouldn’t be useful to them and won’t give them the best message. Another way to get their interests is probably asking some people in their age range to see; what sort of music they might like, what do they like doing as an activity, what borough do they live around. This could be useful information because it can give us an idea of what we can do to get the audience interested and giving their full attention to the performance. Another way is to look up the curriculum to get a full understanding of what actually to go for and to maybe teach something to the audience. I’ve done some research on what maybe could be useful to go for to our target audience and I used a certain website that helped me get the information I needed to know what to do to probably give ideas about what to do for our T.I.E project.

The research I used:

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